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How Reshveen Went from being a Young Underpaid Clerk who Suffered a Stroke
to Achieving a Million-Dollar Portfolio
& Becoming CEO of a Miracle-Making Company Before Turning 30

Hi! My name is Reshveen, and I would love to share with you my story of how I went from being a National Weightlifter who suffered from a stroke and a young underpaid clerk to achieving a Million-Dollar Portfolio & becoming CEO of a Miracle-Making Company before turning 30.

I was born in a middle-class family with 2 incredible loving parents in a tiny little red dot called Singapore. When I was 13 years old, I used to be made fun of by my friends because I was scrawny and couldn’t even do a single pull up! Because of this, I was determined to get stronger and trained by doing pull-ups and going to the gym every single day.

In just 2 years, I was actually selected to represent Singapore as a National Weightlifter because of the performance and progress I had made in the gym.

The “Tragic” Year That Transformed How I Lived my Life

A few years later, just like any Singaporean men who turned 18, I was called up to enter the army. I had been looking forward to my enlistment for a very long time and I had high expectations of myself.
My goal that year was to become an Army Officer
and achieve the prestigious Singapore Armed Forces Overseas Scholarship!
Just before my enlistment, I went for a holiday in the UK. On my return trip, I felt a searing pain through my left arm. I was very worried and I immediately went to see the doctor once I landed back in Singapore. Refusing to acknowledge that it could be anything serious, I brushed it off and just consumed painkillers that day.

This happened just two days before my enlistment.

However, my body started to give way just hours after I stepped foot into the army camp. I could not even pick up my bag with my left hand as the pain was far too excruciating. Despite several visits to emergency department, all the doctors did was prescribe me painkillers. Unfortunately, they had no effect and the pain kept getting worse.
I was excused from all physical activities, and I had many sleepless nights due to the pain. Day by day, I saw my dreams of becoming an army officer slip away. After what seemed like years, a doctor finally granted me permission to rest at home instead.
That was when things started getting worse.

The first day I was home, the pain seared from my neck down my arm and to my chest. I lay sprawled on the ground without being able to neither talk nor breathe. My mum rushed me to the hospital where I was subsequently admitted.

Throughout my 10-day stay in the hospital, my condition deteriorated day by day. My left facial muscles started sagging and my left hand and fingers became numb. Soon after, my left legs became numb too and I was not able to move them at all.
After many days of tests and invasive investigations, I was officially diagnosed as having contacted a stroke.
The days that followed were some of the most difficult I have faced in my life. And I could not have gone through it without the love and care from my parents, the caring nurses, and friends from my church.

I was eventually discharged from hospital, and I did all I could to speed up my recovery process. I went through many arduous MRIs, operations and steroids for medications, but progress was still extremely slow. When I went for a follow-up medical appointment, the doctor then told me that due to my condition, there was ZERO chance I could ever become an officer anymore. What’s worse, he also said that I could NEVER possibly go back to my passion anymore, competitive weightlifting. When he broke the news to me, my heart completely shattered.
That night I went home and my tears flowed. I was so angry and upset with life. My dreams, goals and wishes that I had set for the year were dashed, and within the first 2 months. Where was God when I needed him the most?

But there came my Mother. She understood my pains. My faith was deeply shaken but my mum held strong and kept praying for me. She kept telling me that God does not close doors for nothing, and that there is always a purpose to his mysterious ways. With my mum’s constant prayer and encouragement, my faith was slowly rebuilt, 
and I decided to give God “another chance”.

How I Turned
Things Around

Thus, instead of lying around and feeling sorry for myself, I started reading many business books and started networking. Eventually, I met up with a few business mentors who guided and mentored me to build my very own internet businesses.

Looking back, this serious medical crisis I suffered in 2012 led me to a greater desire to make full use of my life, and to live it with an even bigger purpose and passion.

This is when I started developing a passion for making money and teaching others. Through many projects and being lucky to find the right mentors to guide and support me, I learnt to build my own internet businesses, and invest profitably in the stocks & options market. All the while teaching others everything I have learnt too.
Whilst making money was my primary focus, my journey has made me realize that wealth is truly created when I am not focusing on myself, but on the people around me whom I serve.

One of my biggest personal achievements as a 21-year-old boy was raising $60,000 for Rare Disorders Society.

As Zig Ziglar says: “You can have EVERYTHING you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Playing on the World Stage.

After 2 years of having some decent success in my investment training business, everything changed when I was approached by my mentor to buy over my company. Not only did he love what I was doing with my community, he wanted me to represent his company to speak all over the world too!

To date, I have spoken in countries such as Japan, India, South Africa, United Kingdom, Australia, and Dubai, to more than a hundred thousand people.

I have also had the privilege to speak alongside all-time greats such as Robert Kiyosaki, Mary Buffett, Les Brown, and Dr John Martini!

Lastly, and in just 3 years,

We achieved one of our company’s biggest achievements of all time: The 2-Comma Club, an award given to businesses which have generated at least 1 million dollars in revenue through the use of a popular landing page provider, ClickFunnels.

For a small boy from a tiny little red dot, this was more than a dream come true.

Then Everything Changed In 2020.

The world practically came to a standstill due to the COVID-19 crisis.
Jobs were lost. Investment portfolios crashed. Companies were going bankrupt.
However, something I have learnt from all my mentors is that
in every crisis lies the seed of MASSIVE opportunity.
And while a lot of people were struggling with their jobs, business and finances, my friends and I were achieving record results and creating wealth like we have never seen before. 

On Wednesday morning, 6th May,
with the COVID-19 crisis happening all around us,

I woke up in the morning and had
a CRAZY idea in my head.

What if...
I could gather some of my successful friends,
and invited them to share as openly as possible
with others and give their BEST stuff?

To reveal what exactly they have been doing
during the COVID-19 crisis?

Fortunately, they ALL rallied behind me.
Through what would become known as
the Extreme Wealth Summit,
I had an initial goal to give away $100,000.

As the days passed I kept hearing a voice asking me to think bigger, AIM bigger. THINK BIGGER!!!

"1 MILLION DOLLARS," I said to myself.
"Let me aim to raise and give away 1 Million dollars."

Then the days passed, and magic started happening.
My entire community rallied behind me.

Ordinary people from around the WORLD rallied behind me. People brought on hundreds of their friends to witness what was about to happen.

I couldn't believe the numbers that came through.

Through the Extreme Wealth Summit, together we raised $209,013 for Rare Disorders Singapore, Straits Times School Pocket Money fund and Where's Wally’s Movement!

Hey! I didn't hit my goal.

But what came out of it was even bigger.

The start of #TeamResh. 

You see. The entire summit with more than 10,000 attendees combined, was set up in just 4 days.

With just a team of 4!! 

And 2 weeks after the summit ended, we had our official opening for #TeamResh, and have never looked back since.

My friends, #TeamResh is NOT an investment education company. 

We are a global MIRACLE-MAKING company,
with the vision to
Build the LARGEST community of GIVERS in the World.

Will you join us in our movement to change the world?
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